Making a video

Today, Rosa Jurjevics, who works for Scholastic came to our hometown to film Ethan, our older son who (along with his brother Charlie) was born with my genetic condition.  The purpose for the shoot was to capture Ethan playing soccer, basketball and baseball with his close friends, just like any other nine-year old.  

Ethan is being featured in an article in Scholastic’s Storyworks Magazine in October.  The Scholastics team is also developing an accompanying video. Targeted to 3-6 graders, the piece is intended to help kids understand that being different like Ethan is not that significant after all, and that he can do just about everything any other kid can, even with only two fingers. In fact, as the article advises, being different makes him just like everyone else.  The article and video will be available to subscribers of the Storyworks magazine.

In addition to being the subject of the article and video, Ethan has also written a children’s book about self-acceptance.  In the initial writing stages, the protagonist was a fictitious child named Aiden who had two fingers.  Something was missing, however.  Thanks to the great advice of Lauren Tarshis, editor of Storyworks, now the main character is Ethan himself.  The story is now illustrated with actual photos from Ethan’s life to captivate the reader visually.

Under a bright sun this afternoon the kids played and laughed and soon forgot they were being filmed.  Rosa was a natural.  Somehow she was able to tape the kids non-stop while remaining in the background.

Later this month, Ethan and I will visit the Scholastic headquarters in downtown NYC to complete the video recording.  There, they will interview both of us.  Not sure exactly what to expect.  To keep my nerves in check, I am currently concentrating more on what I should wear for the segment!  More to come after the taping in New York.