What Makes Me Unique? By Ayden Beepath (Age 9)

My name is Ayden Beepath. I was born on August 23, 2008.  I live with my mother Christina, my father Roger and my two siblings Bryan and Scarlet. I am the oldest child.  I am nine years old, my brother is six and my sister is one. All together we make up a family of five.

When I was born my family noticed something unique about me. I was born with two short arms, with two fingers on my right hand and three on my left hand. Growing up for me being different from everyone was a bit challenging. But my mother and father always treated me equal and always motivated me to never give up. My parents never doubted me and always pushed me to do everything and anything any other child can do. I was always outgoing and ready for a challenge. My parents enrolled me in a regular school so I won’t feel uncomfortable around anyone in public. Growing up at home and in school I took a lot of therapy to be where I am today and I’m blessed and thankful for my parents and for all the help along the way.

What makes me so unique, is that over the years I have accomplished a lot. For example, at home I learned how to brush my teeth, shower, comb my hear, use the bathroom, get dressed and tie my shoes on my own. I also help out around the house with daily chores, such as making my bed, helping out with breakfast, walking the dog, helping my father with gardening and cleaning the car. When my brother’s school work gets difficult for him, I give him a hand and teach him the way I was taught which made it easier for him to understand. Growing up I am fascinated with sports and outdoor activities. My mom and dad are very supportive with everything. At first I took on basketball and soccer. I also learned to throw and catch. My dad always took me and my family fishing and he also taught me how to cast a fishing pole. My mom and dad always take me out after my homework is done. They have taught me how to ride a bike with no training wheels, ride a skateboard, ride my scooter, drive my jeep, swim, draw, color, play video games and most of all they have taught me that I am no different than others.  They have taught me that I am able to do anything I want as long as I set my mind to it. Things that I do with the amount of fingers I have others would struggle doing! It takes a lot of time, patience and faith to get where I am at today.

That is why I am uniquely able and so therefore unique in my own ways.


DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt finalist Ayden Beepath for sharing what makes him, him!

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