What Makes Me Special By Henry Handal (Age 9)

What makes me special is that I have ADD and that stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. Many people are different and don’t have ADD and I feel it makes me unique. Most people I don’t tell and only my family knows this, because I used to feel weird that I was different than anyone else. But now I am happy to express it. This is not a disease or anything. It just makes me not pay attention in school and out of school too. Other kids may not be paying attention too but having ADD is the reason I don’t pay attention. I am definitely learning to overcome it a bit but mine is not that bad and both my cousins have something. One of them has ADD and he has to take medicine and the older one has Aspergers.

I found out that I had ADD when I was at the doctor and he made me do some writing, reading and math problems. Then the doctor and my mom talked outside and came back with the test results and told me I had ADD. The doctor needed to check if I needed medication. I started to cry because then they told my teacher that I needed extra time on tests and other things. I cried because no one else in the class needed extra time on anything.

Sometimes when my older sister tells me something I am always focusing on other things so I forget about everything she said and she can get angry at me and even push me but I couldn’t do anything to stop myself from doing that. My mom tries to explain to her why I’m not listening. However, my sister thinks I’m ignoring her and doing it on purpose.

I think it is good how they are letting kids flaunt something about themselves. This is what is special about me. I wonder what things other people have special about them?

This is my artwork and I have ADD and sometimes my thoughts are all over the place. Using paint, this art shows what it is like inside my thoughts.

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