What Makes Me Different? By Wyatt Rogoff (Age 10)

Julia Applebaum Age 12Difference.  Everybody is different, no matter if you like it or not. You can be different from other people because of the slightest things.  So what makes you different?  Well, here is what makes me different: My parents are divorced.  My difference can be a very confusing difference.  Many people do not understand what it is like to have divorced parents, or even what divorce means.  It is hard to relate to.

There are some times throughout my life where I have felt uncomfortable with my difference.  Many times I feel uncomfortable when my class hands out the “Wednesday” folders of of my work for my parents to see.  I feel uncomfortable because they have names on the top of the folders.  Since my parents are divorced, I get not one but two folders to bring with me: One for my Mom and one for my Dad.  The one folder for my Dad says, “Mr. Rogoff.”  So, whoever is handing out the folders and gets the Mr. Rogoff folders asks, “Who is Mr. Rogoff?”  Then I have to go up to them and says it’s me and explain to them that my parents are divorced.  For example, during the third week of school this year, someone who was handing out the folders happened to get my Dad’s folder.  “Who is Mr. Rogoff?” he shouted to the whole class.  I stood up from my desk and walked over to get my folder.  “That’s me,” I said as I approached the person.

Over time, I have learned to accept this difference.  Now, it doesn’t bother me as much to explain it to people.  I have also grown to accept my difference by developing patience.  Patience is another skill I have learned as a direct result of this experience .  I know it sounds weird but it has made me a stronger and more adaptable person.  For example,I have had to learn to adjust to going from one home to another and find my pace in both.  Finally, I think my difference has made me be a more sympathetic person to other people’s problems.

My difference is that my parents are divorced, and it makes me feel uncomfortable at some points.  I have learned, however, to accept this part of me and it has made me a stronger and more patient person today.

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