A Lot of Things Make Me Unique! By Chase Failing (Age 9)

Hi! My name is Chase Failing. I am 9-years-old and in 4th grade. I have a scar on my left eyebrow that I got stitched up when I was three years old. I have an older brother that is ten years old and a little sister that is seven. I also have a twin sister that is taller than me but I am older by two minutes. My mom and dad are divorced so I have two homes. I love animals and that is the one thing that made me a vegetarian four years ago. I have a snake, a fish, a crayfish and tadpoles at my dad’s house. At my mom’s house I have a cat and a dog. I am allergic to hay.  When I get it near my nose it gets stuffy and my eyes get red and itchy and it makes me feel sleepy. To get rid of this I take a shower.

Something that is different about me also is my last name is Failing. Sometimes kids make fun of my last name. They say my last name is Failing because I failed a lot. I have a big house, but my family is bigger. My little sister and brother are both adopted. This makes my family different and sometimes kids ask questions or tease me because of it. My mom says that our family is transracial. That means we are a family made up of more than two races. My older brother Caiden is African American and my little sister Lola is Korean. Our family celebrates different holidays, like adoption days.

I think my family makes me unique. We are all different. My papa was Native American and was Mohawk–that was his tribe of Iroquois. I choose to tell people about my family so they know that families can be made all kinds of different ways.



DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner Chase Failing for sharing what makes him, him!

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