I Like Boyish Things and I’m Proud of It! By Victoria Olmedo

Victoria OlmedoI believe girls miss out on a lot of things. I am really lucky because I choose to do those things anyway. Girls can miss out on playing certain sports, watching SpecialFlauntRecognition_2016superhero shows and more.  A lot of girls seem to like to go to spas, carry purses and other girly stuff. I believe that girls should be able to do whatever they want to do! Also, boys should be able to do whatever they want too! For example, I believe if a boy wants to paint his nails he should be able to do that.

I love playing basketball, boxing and superheroes. People think I am crazy for saying that but it’s true.  I have never wanted to flaunt this but today I am going to have to do it. My name is Victoria and I’m eight years old and this is my life. Lots of other kids judge me because I like to do boyish stuff. I constantly hear them saying, “Oh, you like that?” They then make weird and hilarious faces–like they smell something bad. One eyebrow goes up and the other goes down. Their mouth gets all scrunched up. It only bother me if I hear it constantly from the same person, because then they are being mean. Usually I feel special and unique when I hear things like that because I know that I am different. I like to be different because doing these things makes me happy. If I listened to everybody else I wouldn’t be happy. I would be living my life by their rules, not my own.

Every day I can see how the world sees little girls and what is expected.  I see little girls play with dolls and princesses. I also see them carry around their purses, and get their hair and nails done. Girls love the color pink but I hate pink. I am different and I like that! Boys get these cool cars, they get to box, play basketball, football and play superheroes together. I think cars are cool so I collect them!  When I see the cars in real life, I always make my mom take a picture of them for me.  I like to play basketball because of the different movements.  I like dribbling the ball and trying to make a score. Second, I love boxing because I think girls need to be just as strong as boys. My Dad is an assistant manager at a boxing gym. I take boxing classes there every Saturday.  To my surprise at my first lesson there were nine kids in the class, and seven of them were actually girls! I thought that was awesome! My third favorite thing is my love for superheroes. For Halloween last year my costume was from Star Wars. But I was not the Princess- I was Darth Vader! When I told my costume what I planned to be, they made that face again. But I loved my costume and I made certain to flaunt it on Halloween!

We are all different and should be always allowed to be us.  That is why I love doing what I want.  I am just being me!

3 Responses to “I Like Boyish Things and I’m Proud of It! By Victoria Olmedo”

  1. Lyndsay BFebruary 26, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

    Go Victoria!!!! She is my bff!!

    • Victoria OlmedoSeptember 26, 2018 at 5:36 pm #

      Thank you

  2. Martine CazeMarch 6, 2017 at 9:37 pm #

    Awesome job my girl. Mamma Loves you.

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