Life as a Twin By Camy and Cyrus Zahiri (Age 10)

Camy’s Flaunt!

Hi, my name is Camy Noor Zahiri, and I am in 4th grade. I love to explore and to try new things. I am 10 years old, and love to do art. I have a mom, a dad, a sister, and a brother. You’re probably thinking “how is this story going to be about Camy’s difference, and what is the  difference”. Well my flaunt it difference is that I have a brother. You are still probably thinking “how is having a brother a difference”. Well it is a difference because I don’t just have any ordinary brother, I have a 1 minute older twin brother. Now let me tell you a little bit about my twin.

My twin brother’s name is Cyrus. I think it is fun having a twin but sometimes it can get a little unpleasant. It’s sometimes unpleasant, because no one else in my grade has a twin and then it makes me stand out more than all my friends. Another reason why I don’t like being a twin is that he knows everything that I am doing because he is in the same grade and I like having privacy. On the other hand being a twin is sometimes pretty cool! Also it’s  sometimes an advantage for me to have a twin because one time I forgot my homework and my brother let me copy his book so that I could still do it. I think that another advantage of being a twin is that I can learn how to do math tricks or football and things that he could do but I can’t.

I learned that everybody doesn’t have to be the same and that everybody is unique in their own way. From now on I am going to flaunt my difference and be proud and happy that I am a twin and to not hide being a twin!


Cyrus’ Flaunt!

My name is Cyrus and I am ten years old. I live with my mom my dad, and my two sisters whose names’ are Camy and Chloe. I like playing basketball and my favorite color is green. My favorite thing to do is play with my BeyBlades, it is a fun game with metal beyblades that spin around. I have a big house and have a lot of pets too. I also have a pool and a tennis court as well.

I am different because Camy is my twin sister. She is really athletic and loves gymnastics. No one really makes fun of me for having a twin, just they are surprised because we don’t look alike, but Chloe and I do, so they think we are twins instead. I like having a twin because if I am having trouble doing my homework, or if she is, we can help each other. People think it is cool at my school because there are a brother and sister in the same grade. Camy is a really cool sister because she likes playing basketball too, so we can play together.

I am proud to be different because it makes me who I am right now.

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