Life is Precious, Live Free By Vinayak Shelke

Hello my name is Vinayak and I’m from India. I’m born with left a cleft hand. I’m little bit shy so I’m facing difficulty to go in public and talk to people. They are watching me like I’m from another planet. But it’s ok, I’m used to it. So when I’m in college I’m so afraid to go in class but I have to go face the situation and don’t think too much about anything or anyone. It’s difficult but I have live with it. And make sure I’m happy so I can do whatever I want to do. About my relationship my girlfriend– she never made me feel  that I’m different than others. She is always bossy but I’m in love with her. I’m glad she is with me whenever I need her. That’s it. For others keep in mind life is precious so live like a free bird and enjoy every moment. 

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