My Kind of Extraordinary By Samuel Hueftle (Age 10)

What makes you extraordinary? And why in the world would you want to cover up your differences if they make you amazing? I’m short, and I love it. I’m a nerd, and I embrace it. My mom has Cerebral Palsy (CP), so I help with it. My name is Samuel Hueftle, and I love what makes me unique.

My mom has a disorder called Cerebral Palsy, which means she has an abnormality of motor function that you get a young age. Life has been tough for her, but she still pushes through. She uses crutches to walk and sometimes needs help with different tasks. I help her throughout the day, and I love her the whole time. I feel like I am more open to helping people out if they have problems of any type because I know how hard it can be to live with a disability.

Instead of being embarrassed when people ask about my mom and why she has crutches, I am glad to share so others can learn about someone as kind and fun-loving as her. From my family’s experience I know I shouldn’t be avoiding people with disabilities or a friend that needs help, because I know I can step up and help out without being embarrassed.

When people see you flaunting about what makes you amazing, they know they don’t have to be worried about the small things like being fat, having freckles, or something even as unimportant as someone that likes to read a lot. They see that you can embrace those differences and change them into something for the better.

You shouldn’t hide your differences. FLAUNT IT!

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