“Kids Flaunt”, by Adina, 4th Grade

Most people talk fine and they are the same.  I have a speech problem that makes me different.  It is different, but it is what makes me, me.  This program helped me realize this.

It all started at the beginning of Pre-K.  Everyone made fun of me, and asked if I was from a different country.  Sometime I would have to say things twice or spell things out.  I also had to go to speech lessons which were boring.  My Dad and the speech teacher would imitate how I talked.  All of these things made me very sad and sometimes embarrassed.

Now I am in the 4th grade.  I have worked really hard on my speech.  I know every letter, but “r” and “w”.  I am still working on these last letters to pronounce them correctly.  At first I wanted to be like everybody else, but now I realize that it is good to be different.  I will get it.  It is just a matter of time and I will.  On this pathway, I have learned so many great things like there will be ups and downs.  Sometime people still don’t understand me and I have to repeat things.  In the end, no matter if it is good or bad, it won’t matter.  I have learned to live with it and I like who I am.




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