Just Like Everyone Else, By Terrek Michael-RayJenniges, Age 5

TerrekHi my name is Terrek. I’m 5 years old and in kindergarten. I was born with a disability called caudal regression syndrome. I’m missing my L3 through L5 in my spine. I also have double hip displacia and bilateral club foot so I’m in a wheelchair. I also have a brother who is 4 and a sister who is 2 and they help push me around in my wheelchair.

When I first started school the kids asked me why I can’t walk and I told them that I may not be able to walk but I can walk on my hands and the kids thought that was cool. I like to go four wheeling and watch my daddy race at our local track and I like singing and playing outside. I just love being outdoors.

I may have a disability but I’m just like any other 5 year old. Thank you for your time.

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