Just Like Any Other Kid By Grant McKay (Age 9)

My name is Grant, I am 9-years- old and in 3rd grade. My brother Davis is 11 and has Down Syndrome. Sometimes he is annoying, he doesn’t know his own strength and when we wrestle he hurts me a lot. He is basically my friend but he is my brother. He plays lots of games with me, baseball, football, bike riding, cars, and Nerf guns. He is different than a lot of my friends, he can’t play the same games as me but I still love him. I help him get dressed and help him play games he can’t play but I can. We go on a lot of trips together. We just went to San Diego, California. We have almost been to every state in the U.S.A. He loves to pack his suitcase and can go anywhere in the world. We love to listen to music together and I like teaching him how to swing a bat.

When Davis was four years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our family spent the next 3 ½ years going to the hospital a lot and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and family and friends. It was a very scary time but my family and I are very happy that Davis is well again. I have spent time every year raising money for cancer research by riding my bike at Pedal the Cause in St Louis.

In lots of ways Davis is just like any other kid. He can’t do a lot of things kids his age can do, but he wants to be included in every activity and be just like me.




This Siblings Flaunt has been published in partnership with the fabulously flaunting organization, Siblings with a Mission. 

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