What I’ve Learned By Cassidy W. (Age 12)

Cassidy WMy name is Cassidy and I’m 12. I may not look different but it doesn’t mean I haven’t felt judged. When I was 8 years old I was picked on by a group of popular girls. They decided I was different from them so they didn’t get to know me. It really affected me and I didn’t want to go to school because of them.  It was really hard but it taught me not to judge someone without getting to know them. I also learned how important it was to share what I was feeling with my parents.

In my school kids can be really mean to others without knowing them. I wish that everyone could be treated equal without judging them based on their looks, personality, or background. One time there was a kid who was in a class of kids that needed extra help, and he would come in our class for a class on computers.  Just because he was in that class people wouldn’t like him and they would laugh at him and he would get really angry. Just because they didn’t give him a chance they could have missed out on a great friend.  Certain kids think it’s cool to make fun of other kids to fit in with the populars, but it’s not.

I think kids can treat other people badly because they have their own insecurities. I also think my experience being judged by other kids taught me a lot how to treat other kids, and that it’s really cool to give everyone a chance. Just put yourself in their shoes! These days kids are too scared to stand up to the bullies because of fear of themselves getting bullied.  But I have learned that when you are picked on just because other kids decide you are different, whatever the reason, it is okay to go to a parent or teacher—it isn’t tattling.  Based on my experience, whatever difference you may have, I have learned how important it is to stand up for yourself or another kid that is being judged or even bullied for being different. It could change their life. It changed mine.

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