It’s Time to Flaunt By Narain Singh

Narain Singh photoMy name is Narain and I am in the 4th grade. There are many things that make me unique. For example, my religion, toys and martial arts. My religion rp_DHIFI-RunnerUp-Badge_H-300x263.jpgmakes me unique because of my appearance. Since I am a Sikh, I am required to have long hair. This means I cannot cut my hair at all. I take a lot of pride in my religion and my family but something else that is important in life is my Legos. I love to play with my Legos and to make things I call “inventions.” Besides my religion, family and my strong love for Legos, another thing that makes me unique is that I have learned karate. By learning karate I see myself as a stronger person.

Since my religion and its circumstances are different from other religions of kids in my school, I am treated differently. For example, when I am out in public I feel more respected because of who I am but since students in my school don’t know about my religion, they don’t treat me with respect always. In fact, sometimes they tell me they think I have a potato or a tomato on my head.  That makes me feel sad sometimes. But then I think to myself that it is okay, because they don’t know or understand the history of my religion. When kids say this to me, it gives me a reason I decide why I shouldn’t change who I am because of their reactions. Instead, it gives me the power and determination to teach and tell other kids and people about my religion and its history.

I flaunt by showing my culture because it is very important to me. Since I am a Sikh, my language, religion and the way I look are very diverse and because of it, everyday I also learn something new about it too.  This is how I flaunt!

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  1. jaskaran singhOctober 13, 2016 at 10:06 am #

    I like it I am a kaur

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