It’s Time to Flaunt! By Gianna Schiavone

We at Don’t Hide It Flaunt It are SO lucky to have Gianna Schiavone (the gorgeous Ambassador and model for Runway of Dreams that just announced its big rp_mini-me-300x233.pngpartnership with Tommy Hilfiger!) and also Rebekah Marine (the beautiful Lucky Fin Project Ambassador and Bionic Model) both share their insights from walking together in New York Fashion Week this month and few other fun facts we think you’d all like to know!   In a first for DHIFI, we have changed up the “Flaunt” essay format and have asked them both the same questions, and have now published each of their responses.  Check out Gianna’s Kids Flaunt below and then also Rebekah’s Guest Flaunt here!
Gianna Sv21- What makes you unique/different from most other people? Well I was born with only one hand but I can do most things the same just as everyone else.

2- Do you forget about your difference?  I don’t really think about only having one hand except for when people look at me and that makes me feel a little different. But I just tell them that I was born this way and then they stop staring.

3- What is your favorite thing to do?  And what do you dread doing? My favorite thing to do is to play with my friend and do gymnastics. I am learning how to do cartwheels and handstands now. I even have a tumbling arm to help me!  I don’t dread doing anything but I am scared to jump off of a cliff! 😃

4- How does it feel when you are in front of a crowd of people? I am happy when I am in front of crowds like when I walk on the runway because people cheer for me. I was excited to walk in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) but I didn’t smile because real models don’t smile.

5-What is something you wish people knew about you that they might not expect? Some people might not know that I am an ambassador and model for Runway of Dreams. They might not also know that I like to talk to myself in the mirror. I also like to cook because you can express your personality In your food. I like to make pizza but I also like to make up my own concoctions which usually aren’t edible!

6-  What kind of fashion do you like to wear when no one is around? I love to wear long dresses and high heels because they go ‘click click’ on the floor. I also love to accessorize and LOVE lipgloss!

7- Were you nervous walking the runway this past year? If not, describe how you felt and what it was like to walk in NYFW. I wasn’t nervous walking the runway at NYFW because I knew I would be walking with Rebekah and holding her hand and I was really happy and excited.  It was amazing when Rebekah asked me to walk with her because I was so happy to be able to walk on a real runway!!!

8- If you could meet one person you’ve never met, who would that be and why?  If I could meet one person who I never met it would be Tommy Hilfiger. I’d like to meet him because I would want to say thank you for making clothes that make it easier for me and others to get dressed and I would want to ask him if he could teach me how to make the clothes.

9- Did you get to keep any of your clothes you wore at NY Fashion Week? I didn’t get to keep the dress I wore in NYFW and I was sad about it because my dress was so pretty and it made me feel glamorous!

10- If you had a crystal ball showing your future, what would you love to see in it? In my crystal ball I would like to see what I look when I am grown up and me being a mommy and singing to my kids.


Gianna SchiavoneI feel happy to be a part of Runway of Dreams because I get to meet a lot of people who have other differences and that’s neat because we all have differences but we are all the same on the inside. I also know that I won’t have to struggle with buttons anymore or push my sleeve up because these clothes will help me. I also enjoy doing the photo shoots with my new friends!!

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  1. Juliette WoolfFebruary 24, 2016 at 7:44 am #

    What a fantastic interview Gianna – as with Rebekah’s interview, some parts made me sad (I can relate to the staring issue through my son) but mostly it just made me smile! BIG THANKS DHIFI for sharing it (just discovered your fantastic site through Born Just Right!) and well done to Gianna for inspiring us all by showing the next generation of limb-different children in such a wonderful, positive light! With Rebekah, Gianna is making being limb-different more mainstream and what an amazing achievement – to be walking the runway at NYFW at such a young age – she looked absolutely stunning and is a great ambassador and role model for all limb-different children! My seven year old son Rio is a through-knee amputee (he was born with a very rare congenital bone deficiency in his lower right leg – absence of tibia, knee and ankle joint – requiring a through-knee amputation at 14 months) and although he feels very confident when he’s wearing his running blade/playing his sports, he is becoming very self conscious as he gets older when he’s in social situations/in the summer by the pool/on the beach/wearing shorts – I want him to grow up to feel as confident about his difference as Gianna and Rebekah do! Thanks for the inspiration ladies – keep up the great work, you are changing the public’s perceptions about differently-abled adults and children! #FashionForAll #RunwayOfDreams

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