Instability By Jonah Lambert Age 16

My work deals with my ADHD that I live with on a day to day basis. It makes a lot of things difficult for me. Expressing my thoughts and feelings through words is something I have never been able to do well. Once I found photography, it made things somewhat easier for me. I celebrate my difference by taking advantage of the fact that my brain feels like it never stops working. I showed this a different way in each picture. Some- times my constantly working brain is a very draining feeling. It often feels like my head could just fly off at any moment. Even when I am asleep my brain never stops working which leaves me feeling unrested most days. I tend to look on the
brighter side which helps me celebrate and express the hardship that I live through everyday. The best way I honor my difference is by using the humorous ideas that go through my mind, I express these ideas and racing thoughts into my photos making them realistic but still descrip- tive of my thoughts and emotions. I like taking fine art photographs to get people think- ing or really knowing what I am feeling.

–Jonah Lambert, RBC Flaunt It Award Art finalist

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