Inside and Out, By Emma B. 4th Grade

Do you know where Guatemala is located?  That is where I was born.  It is located south of Mexico and North of Honduras and El Salavador.

One day fifteen minutes before my school was going to end, some kids came up to me.  They said they felt sorry for me.  I didn’t know what they were talking about.  They said they were sorry for me because I was an orphan.  I said, “No, I am not.  I was adopted from a place called Guatemala.”  Then they started asking me all at once a bunch of questions.  For example, “Did you ever meet the woman who gave birth to you?”  “Did you come on a plane or a boat?”  I felt overwhelmed because it wasn’t just two kids asking me questions.  It was as much as six kids!  I tried to answer them as best I could.

I said, “No, I did not meet the woman that gave birth to me.  I came to the USA on an airplane.”  Then the questions started to get obnoxious.

It was a long afternoon and night then, but now I realize I should be proud of who I am, inside and out, as well s where I am from because I know that I love my family and they love me.

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