If the Glove Fits, by Charlie Zucker 

charliebaseballphotoHi! I’m Charlie and I am seven and in 2nd grade.  My Mom is Meg. Here are some things about me you might want to know.  Everyone thinks I have good handwriting.  They were all surprised because the way my hands look!  I love art, Lego’s, foosball and video games.

Up until now, I have only played soccer and basketball.  But they are not my favorites.  My favorite sports are archery and baseball.  I only play archery at camp and sometimes baseball, but I had never worn a glove.  I think my parents did not think it would fit me, so I never got to try.

But when I was in Nantucket, they saw I was a really good hitter.  I told them that I liked soccer, but what I really want to try is baseball on a team.  My parents were not sure, but I told them let’s try.  So, when I got back from my vacation, they took me to a Sports store and my dad tried different baseball gloves on me.  Guess what?  The glove fit even though I have only two fingers on my left hand!  I told them that now I want to get good, before I start to play in the springtime.  I am very excited.

I think I taught my parents that I should always try anything, even though I only have two fingers. Now I need to also find an archery team somewhere near where I live!

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