I Love Being Unique! By Shona Karp

Hi! I’m Shona, and I was born with only one eye. I think having one eye is pretty cool. You get to wear awesome patches after surgery, you get to meet new doctors, you get to see how prosthetic eyes are made, and you get to imagine what it feels like to have two eyes. Plus, when you have to draw a monster that represents you in art class, you can just draw a cyclops! I love having one eye because it makes me unique, but there are times when I just can’t stand having one eye. For instance, when you’re eating Christmas dinner or swimming in the pool and your prosthetic eye falls out. Or when you have to have yet another surgery. Or when you’re trying to play on the playground with other kids, but they just want to ask you about your eye. Or stare and tell you that your eye is broken. So, while having only one eye does make me unique, there are some negatives to it also.

Having one eye has made me tough! After my surgeries, I try to only stay out of school for one day. Having one eye has also made me a hardworking student because I have to miss a lot of school for check-ups, appointments and surgeries. But because of my great family, friends, teachers and doctors I get through the rough times. For example, when my eye fell out on Christmas, my mom and dad managed to put one of my old eyes in because it was smaller. They’re practically ocularists now! They almost always know what to do when my eye falls out. Having only one eye also means that it’s better for me to play on the left side of the field in a Field Hockey game, so I can see the line to the goal. I always have to wear eye-gear for Field Hockey and any other sport , and I always wear regular glasses to school. I have two pairs of glasses, a normal pair and a pair of sports goggles. I wear my sport goggles for recess, gym, and for all sports. I wear my glasses for protection so that my right eye does not get injured. I have to protect the vision I do have, at all times. If my prosthetic eye does fall out at school, I just go to my school nurse. She’s really nice and when I go to her she’ll either give me a patch or call my mom.

For a lot of the kids in my school, it is hard for them to understand my fake eye. But I don’t feel down because of their questions or comments. I take it as they just find it interesting and want to learn about it. I also think it means they care about me. Having one eye also means having many surgeries. But I don’t get down on myself because of those either. I still go to Field Hockey practice even though I can’t play when I’m recovering. My coach puts me in charge of music. I try never to feel down, because I know there are other people going through much, much harder times than me. There’s no point being sad when you can just change the way people think of you. Just be yourself and remember, you’re amazing!

My Mom says, “Shona is the happiest person I know, and an inspiration to all around her. There is nothing she cannot do.” Having one eye is cool and I love being unique! I get through the rough times and have a great life! I have my family, my dog, my friends, my doctors, my teachers, my Field Hockey coach and my personality!

I have so much to be grateful for.

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  1. satuiasinaDecember 11, 2020 at 5:38 pm #

    love for who you are

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