I Love Being The Extraordinary Me! By Tanvi Patel (Age 10)

Hi my name is Tanvi and I was born in Princeton, New Jersey and I am ten years old. I love my family. They are my lucky charm. I also love dogs. The breed I like the most is a Siberian Husky. I love art. Art inspires me so much it’s like my life in front of me.

One thing in my life that makes me unique that makes me, me is I have Insulin Resistance Syndrome. It is a disorder in which the body’s tissues don’t respond to a hormone insulin in order to absorb appropriate amounts of glucose from the blood to be used for energy. As a result, sometimes my blood sugar level goes high. I got to know about this two years ago. With this disorder, I love to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routines but there are some downsides as well. When people keep staring at me at outside events and school playgrounds because I have a skin condition (acanthosis nigricans) with dark patches all around my neck and armpits. It’s so embarrassing when they ask about it. I feel nervous but I don’t let myself down.

This disorder does impact my daily life. I feel more hungry and thirst than normal. I also have problems with frequent urination which I feel is abnormal sometimes but I stand by it and don’t hesitate to ask for a break if I am in school or other classes. I do get tired so easily which impacts my passion for dancing but I don’t give up. I always participate in dance performances and show my best abilities. I always keep a blood glucose monitor with me. In case I feel any symptoms like dry mouth or tingling sensations then I quickly check on my sugar using a glucose monitor and follow steps taught by my doctors. My parents get involved a lot to learn more and more about this disorder and how to cure it through webinars, consultation with specialist doctors just so we all as a family can overcome this together.

As a ten-year-old, it’s not easy for me to have daily exercise routines, to cut down on treats, to use a glucose monitor and to have a skin condition but all of these things have made me unique, on who I am today. A patient, more mature and even highly responsible person. Thus disorder even taught me to care for others by spreading awareness around the world. My parents have partnered with an organization which runs an awareness campaign and also engaged in providing necessary nutrition, education, means and required equipment to support the underprivileged communities with kids also struggling with Insulin Resistance Syndrome. I help them create digital presentations, documents for nutrition education plans and artworks for social advertisements. I don’t want this disorder to take over me, I do have ambitious dreams and I will work hard to achieve them.

With this unique situation, every day I wake up in the morning with my positive energy, I really appreciate what I have in my life and I enjoy it to the fullest. Without Insulin Resistance Syndrome, I wouldn’t be me and maybe won’t be able to understand others with their special unique situations and help them the way I am right now.

Just remember:

“When you face difficult times. Know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you!”

So, never be afraid, just flaunt your differences that even brings a unique opportunity to know your inner you.


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