I Love Being Tall! By Olivia Atterberry

My name is Olivia, I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade.  I participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, swimming and sometimes gymnastics. I enjoy playing the piano and sing in the school choir. 

I love hanging out with all of my fun, nice and joyful friends. They support me and believe in me. That makes me feel special; like there are no differences among us. My visible difference is being a tall girl. I’ve always been the tallest girl in my class.  Kids would say things like, “How tall are you going to be?” or “When are you going to stop growing”. Most people have never believed my actual age. When I was younger, it was hurtful and frustrating. It bothered me sometimes because I might have to duck down or risk bumping my head.  It was very annoying.  

NOW I love being tall!!  In basketball I get to play center, my favorite position. I  stand in the center of choir performances. I always meet the height requirements for fun rides at amusement parks. So, when I heard about Don’t Hide It Flaunt it, it made me feel like I should open up about how my difference is no longer my challenge but my biggest asset.

When you flaunt what makes you, the amazing person you are; it will make you feel that your differences aren’t that bad. You’ll end up loving that difference. When I thought that my difference was horrible, everything seemed horrible.  When I started thinking about some of the good things that come with being tall, I loved it! I really love that I’m unique. I love me and I love my difference.

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