I am Special Because I am Adopted By Izzy Age 9

Hi! My name is Izzy. I was adopted from China.  I’m 9 and I live in New York. My friends ask me why I was left in a park?  I say the people in China can’t have more than one kid. I also wonder who my birth parents are? It is common to wonder who your birth parents are. My sister was adopted from China too. It was a fun and amazing trip. When we got my sister she was very ill. She had something in China that made her sick. In some places you cannot drink the water because it was not clean.  There was lot of smoke in some places.

It is really cool to be adopted from China. I have really good friends that were adopted from China too. All of us are like sisters to each other. It’s really nice to have people you know who have something so special in common with you. There is only one other person who is adopted in fourth grade. He is adopted from America. I am the only one in my grade that looks Asian. It is really cool to have a sister that is adopted from China. My mom bought me a book about being adopted.  It’s called “The Wise Up Powerbook”. I find the book very helpful. My mom reads it to me when a friend asks me questions about my birth parents. Sometimes I don’t know what to say, so it helps me come up with good answers. Mom helps me with those situations. I hope this gives you good advice.

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