I am Proud to Be Me By Savannah Waldron-Kim (Age 9)

My name is Savannah. I am in 4th grade at Village School Upper Elementary. Something I chose to flaunt is a difference that you wouldn’t call an ordinary difference. I was born with a hand that is a little bit smaller and my fingers are shorter. I hope you like this essay about why I choose to not hide but flaunt this part of me.

One reason I choose to flaunt this difference is because my friends and family really support me on it. For example, on my first day of Kindergarten, people had questions. But bit after bit, I didn’t get the questions anymore. These people became some of my close friends. And when I hung out with them, they acted like I was completely like them. I don’t use the word ‘normal’ because no one is exactly the same so what is normal? Normal doesn’t exist. My family is supportive because my Mom and Dad actually helped set up and assembly with a man who plays the guitar when I was in 2nd grade. The thing is, he is missing his left hand and forearm. I met him awhile ago at a special event for kids and adults who were born like this. His name is Tony Memmel. It was great for the whole school to meet him and it was a lot of fun. That is how my family and friends supported me and still do!

I also flaunt this difference because I like this about me. Some people would hide this as much as they possibly could do so, but I’m not like that. I can feel uncomfortable at times, but most of the time I am proud to be me. To have this difference. To flaunt it. And I can do the same things anybody can do. I taught myself how to tie my shoes when I was four! I can type! I can do all the same things. That is another reason why I flaunt it.

Last but not least I flaunt this because I can’t or wouldn’t change this even if I had the chance to because this is me and that’s just how it is. So why live embarrassed when I can be proud, happy and excited to be this way!

My name is Savannah-Waldron-Kim, and I am proud to be me. So don’t hide it, flaunt it!


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