I am Proud of Who I Am By Mira Burke-Wilding (Age 10)

Hi!  My name is Mira and I will be telling you what makes me different from other people and what makes me, me. Some things that make me, me are my hair because I’m sure no one has to wash their hair and have pain when doing it. Also, my skin is different because I am the only one in my family that has brown skin but if I didn’t then that wouldn’t make me special.

In my family, my voice also makes me, me because if my friends are getting bullied and they cannot stand up for themselves, then I can help them and ask if they’re ok and let them play with me.

One invisible difference of mine is that I am adopted. I am special because no one in my class is adopted and that makes me feel good.  Also, I have two moms and no dad and a lot of people feel bad but it is just because I am adopted. How being adopted influences my life is that I never knew who my real mom was and I had to move to different places. I had to get used to these new people I didn’t know (yet) but I had fun with my forever family.

How I learned to flaunt what makes me unique is all these things just make me different from other people because no one I know has been adopted by two loving parents who took care of me since age 4 and now I am nine-years-old. That’s not too far but it will get longer the more years pass that they have adopted me.  They adopted me on my birthday, April 13.

I am proud of who I am.


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