How My Eczema Makes Me Different By Vienne Voong (Age 9)

Vienne VoongMy name is Vienne. I am nine years old and I am going into the 4th grade. I live in San Francisco, California with my Mom, Dad, and older sister. I love art even though my whole family is good at math. My family wants me to do things like writing and math, but I like crafts more than any other school subject.

My difference is that I have eczema which is a skin rash.  I am very scared that people will make fun of me. I was born with eczema and I was always scared of eating something I was allergic to when I was a baby. Now, whenever I eat too much of something that I am allergic to, then I get more eczema. Sometimes my eczema gets so bad that there is even some on my head and some on my ears. I am scared of my friends finding out, so mostly I wear jeans and long-sleeved shirts. My doctor says it will go away, but even if it does go away, there is still a mark on my skin so I am very embarrassed when I got swimming. My eczema makes me different from most other people. I haven’t learned yet how to accept having it, because I am always very uncomfortable and I always have to put on medicine at night.

In conclusion, I want all the people who have eczema to know that you are not the only person who has it and there is always someone else who knows exactly how you feel.

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