How I am Special By Sedani Cleary

DHIFI RunnerUp Badge_LI am unique in many ways.  One way is that I have arthrogryposis.  This is when joints cannot move as much as normal.  I have never known anything different. I was born with it.Seadni Cleary

Some kids have treated me badly because of my difference.  They can stare, laugh and even make fun of the way I walk.  They also can make fun of the pink helmet I wear.  But other kids treat me very nice. For example, those kids will help me carry my book bag and pull out my chair for me in class while at school.  I like them for doing that. They are my friends.

Most of all, I flaunt my differences by being proud of who I am and standing up for myself.

Every day I come to school happy and cheerful and ready to take on the day.

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