My Hidden Difference By Alice Kaup (Age 10)

“Alie, time for soccer!” said my mommy. “O.k,” I replied. That was my mommy calling me. Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m a little old for calling her mommy, but I really have no choice. Hi, I’m Alie Kaup but my real name is Alice. My favorite sport is soccer. I am a little shy, and I have two moms. I call one mommy and the other one mom.

I bet you’re wondering if they got divorced. The answer is no, they did not. I think I am lucky that I have two moms. For example, I get twice as much shopping (for clothes, not food. I hate grocery shopping.) Both of my moms are educators. My mom is a soccer coach and a P.E. teacher. My mommy is a principal. In the summer my mommy still has to go to work, but mom doesn’t.

People used to make fun of me saying when I grow up I would marry a girl, but I never told anyone about it except my two moms. I didn’t just hurt me, but it hurt my parents too. They said just to ignore them and the future is not the present. I am over it but I still remember. It just doesn’t happen anymore, which I am thankful for.

When my friends come over to my house they call them Alie’s mom or Alie’s mommy but more recently they call my mom Coachie because she is a soccer coach and they call my mommy Curly Shirley because she has curly hair. To you it might seem a little strange living with two moms, but once you’re with them for awhile you get used to it.

I decided to flaunt it because I think that it is important to share your differences with everyone else. I think that when people know you better they think of you in a different way. In a good way, better than how they thought of you before. Not everybody has two moms and not everyone is good at soccer but everybody has a hidden difference and my difference is I have two moms!

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