Here Are My Powers, By Aiden Gifford, 4th Grade

Hi my name is Aiden Gifford.  The first thing I’m writing about is my asthma.  When I was really little I had an asthma attack, a bad one I had to go to the hospital.  The people told my parents I had asthma. Since then, a have not had any severe asthma attacks.  Thankfully, I have an inhaler just in case.

The next thing I’m going to talk about is I have really orange hair.  Some bullies call me carrot top, but I remind them carrot tops are green. Most people call me pumpkin head, but I ignore them and walk away.  A lot of people call me tangerine head and when they do that I get really annoyed and tell a trusted adult.

The last thing I’m going to write about is I love birds. I study them whenever possible.  People come and ask me what a bird is, I usually know the answer.  When I get older I’m going to do falconry. I’m going to have a Barred Owl. That is one of the birds I’m studying right now.  I’ve seen him for over three weeks in a row now.  I’m in 4th grade at the age of 10.

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