Gray By Marica James (Age 17)

Check out RBC Flaunt It Award finalist Marica James incredible video titled  Gray  !

In life everyone has internal struggles and occasionally it seems like things are only two-sided – that an outcome can only go one of two ways. There’s a good and a bad, a winner and a loser, progressing and regressing, and often we get stuck in this confining mindset. Growing up biracial I was accustomed to my parents’ differences in appearance and culture, but came to realize early on that not everyone was. Often being asked which side I identified more with and occasionally being told to choose a side or that I didn’t fit in somewhere quite right. Though I was once perturbed by such remarks, I grew to live comfortably in the middle not allowing others to tell me how to act or what to identify as. Though my situation caused me to think of black and white on the basis of skin and often the stereotypes that follow, the concept can be more metaphorical and apply to anyone who’s ever struggled between two opposing forces; whether those be external or simply conflicting thoughts. In life little is black and white, and as people we should remember to breathe easy and go about our lives with an open mind and live in a way that is true to ourselves and our own personal identity.”

–Marica James  RBC Flaunt It Award, Art finalist


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