Flaunting my Family By Grace Scott (Age 9)

I am just an average girl. I am of average height, short blond hair, and I wear glasses.I am a little shy and don’t like to stand out too much.I would rather stay in the background. I am a big sister, which doesn’t sound too special. but in my case my journey to becoming a big sister is what’s special. It all started in a library in April 2017 and ended June of 2018 when we adopted my three younger siblings in court.

Though adoption sounds so nice and perfect, it has not been a perfect process. I used to have my own room. Now I share with my little brother. I used to have my own toys, but now I share with my to younger sisters, and they are not gentle with my toys. They all get special treatment, like extra Christmas presents from organizations and people visit them to help them transition. My older brother and I get left out sometimes. We got a new car so our family could fit in the car because the old one was too small. We got a new dog, really for my little brother, because he wanted one really bad. When they first moved in they got into a lot of trouble, and they still wake me up at 3am to watch cartoons since they don’t know how to turn on the T.V. yet.

Now that we have passed our one year mark, I am happy we adopted them. I love my siblings. When we first got them, I introduced them to all of the kids in my neighborhood, and we had a big party to celebrate our adoption.  I braided my little sister’s hair yesterday and she called me her Sissy in the car. I realized she is proud to be my sister too.

Now I realize it is not just me who is able to flaunt our family, but all of us.

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  1. Dana LuleyMarch 17, 2020 at 11:26 pm #

    What a wonderful story, Grace! You are such an incredible big sister!❤️

  2. LynnMarch 17, 2020 at 2:16 pm #

    What a beautiful story to share, Grace.! I can tell you are a great big sister. I hope your family always have happy memories to flaunt.

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