Flaunting My Glasses By Aakash Karlekar (Age 10)

Aakash KarlekarIt was a cold and rainy day in Dublin, Ireland.  I was at my school listening to my teacher lecture about Irish history.  We all sat at randomly shaped group tables.  I could hear my friend Paul whispering to another friend Kevin about his plans for the weekend.  Holly was taking notes while Sam was fidgeting with his pencil.  Suddenly, Ms. Burns called out,” Aakash, can you read the first paragraph?” “Yes,” I replied.  I stood up and tried to read the words written on the board but could not see them clearly.  I was squinting so hard that I nearly closed my eyes.  My teacher saw me squinting and asked me, “Aakash, is there a problem?” “I can’t see from here,” I answered.  She walked over to my spot and looked at the board from my angle and said, “I can see clearly from here.  I’ll need to speak to your mom after school.”

Next, my teacher went to her spot and continued with the lecture.  I was a bit worried about what my mom would say.  Later she spoke to my mom about going to an ophthalmologist and get my eyes checked because I might need glasses.

That weekend we went to see the ophthalmologist in a mall.  Usually I am excited when going to the mall but today I was worried and prayed that the optician’s office was closed but nothing happened as I had hoped.  The doctor was very good and kind and after he ran all the tests, told me I needed glasses.  I felt really disappointed that I had glasses.  My greatest ambition was to become a cricket player and I had started training for it.  As per my knowledge this would be a great deterrent for my future as a cricketer.  I also felt that my friends would make fun of me and call me names.  I was sad the whole week and it felt like a heavy weight had landed on my shoulders.  I was supposed to get my glasses by the end of the week.  It felt like my dream was ruined.

Finally, my mom had enough of me moaning and groaning and told me that some of the greatest cricket players have glasses, such as Saurabh Ganguly, Anil Kumble, Percy Fender Clive Lloyd, Daniel Vettori, Eddie Barlow, Bill Bowes and many, many more.  Glasses didn’t stop them from being great cricketers.  Immediately I searched on google and after seeing the results of the search, I could feelthe burden of weight finally lifting from my shoulders.  I now felt relieved since I still could fulfill my dreams of being a cricket player.  But, not I had doubts about my friends’ reactions.

Slowly and gradually my glasses became a part of my life and now I feel complete and confident wearing them.  Before I had my glasses, I could make out objects but my vision was blurry and now I can see any object sharply.  I can finally appreciate the beauty of clear vision.  I also look like a studious person wearing them and my friends say that I look super cool with them.

I have glasses and I am proud of myself wearing them.  I am not afraid what people think about me anymore.  It is after all what makes me feel better.  If you have anything different than others it makes you special.  My glasses make me special!  So friends, don’t ever hide your differences.  You should be proud of them and flaunt them!

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