Flaunt Your Differences By Ian Laurence

Ian LaurenceI am made up of unique traits that are inside my genes. We all have them, and experiences too that make us different from one another. I am unique firstly because I am half-American and half-Chinese. I speak two languages–English and Chinese. Therefore, I live with two cultures and traditions. rp_DHIFI-RunnerUp-Badge_H-300x263.jpg What makes me, me also is that I love animals, chess and karate.

I went with my family to Shanghai, China when I was three years old and came back to the U.S. when I was seven. When I lived in China, I went to an international school where kids from all over the world came. I met friends from many different countries. They spoke English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and many other languages. They also liked different food and had different traditions and habits.  For example, it is okay to slurp in China! Everyone was different there, be we all still treated each other the way we wanted to be treated. We had an International Day every year when everyone wore traditional clothing from their own countries and brought food to share. We flaunted our differences! The school was really fun and interesting because we were all different!

I know that my differences may seem weird to some people, but if everyone flaunts their differences, the world will change. We will learn that it is okay to be different. Bullies will stop if they know kids who are different from them are actually the same as them–even if different. I will flaunt my differences by going to learn even more about the things that I am already good at and make me unique.

It’s time to flaunt our differences!

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