I Flaunt Being Different By Chloe Freeden (Age 9)



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

I have OCD but no one sees it but unfortunately I do. It is very annoying. OCD means obsessive compulsive disorder. With OCD you do certain things over and over again.


Restrictive Airway Disease (RAD)

I have RAD.  No one can see it but I feel it. RAD means restrictive airway disease. It affects your lungs when you run. I love running for RAD makes it difficult for me.

Only Child

I am an only child. It is hard. I don’t have siblings to play with me. It isn’t fun but I always make it work.


I love to play softball!!!! A lot of other kids love to play softball but no one loves it as much as I do. I flaunt my skills on the field.


I flaunt all these things becauseI want to show people how I am different from everyone else. I love being different so I will flaunt it. I am Chloe Freeden. I am different.


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