Flaunt My Differences By Aditi Karthik (Age 10)

Hello my name is Aditi Karthik. I am an American born girl of Indian origin. Something that makes me unique is my colorful personality. Each of my personality trite has a unique color to it. For example, humor is a great color I wear proudly.  I love to make people laugh by doing silly things or by telling jokes. Mostly, I do not have a problem embarrassing myself to make others laugh.

I always try to be brave even when I am faced with negativity. When I was in 1st grade, I was the only Indian student in my class. My classmates were always saying hurtful things to me about my skin color because I looked different from them. They would say they were allergic to brown skin and would not let me play with them during recess. Though it made me feel really bad, I would ignore them and try to be brave about it.  My parents told me that maybe my classmates were being mean because they did not know about my culture. So, when the class was celebrating International Day, they encouraged me to share about my background to educate my classmates about my culture. Though I was very scared to go up before my class at first about it—I did it! When I was done, the class gave me a round of applause and some smiles. Some of the kids even became friends with me after that.

That experience also taught me that I was bold which is a very important part of me. I also learned to stand up for myself and others if I think the cause is worth it.

I have embraced my differences and worked very hard to be the person I am today with my colorful and boundless spirit.  I have also realized that it is ok if everyone does not like me.

The most important thing is that I like myself and I am happy.

DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner Aditi Karthik for sharing what makes her, her!

3 Responses to “Flaunt My Differences By Aditi Karthik (Age 10)”

  1. NalinaMarch 22, 2018 at 6:22 am #

    Awesome, Aditi!! I love how you say it is OK to be different and when you stand up for yourself, others accept you more. So proud of you!

  2. ChandramohanFebruary 25, 2018 at 7:22 am #

    Wow! How well have you described your experiences Aditi. Beautifully done. You have a very bright future. May God bless you.
    With blessings,
    Chandramohan thatha

  3. AnuFebruary 24, 2018 at 3:37 pm #

    Congrats Aditi! So proud of you. Wish you the best always!

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