My Family Makes Me Different! By Lilly Cope

dhifli_logoHi!  I’m Lilly from Chicago. I have three siblings who are all older than me. One is my sister Rachel who is thirteen and my two brothers, Alex and Noah. Alex is nineteen and in college and Noah is seventeen and a junior in high school.

But besides from being much younger than my siblings, I am different because I have a cousin named Chloe who is deaf. Chloe is six years old and lives in New York City. To help her hearing, Chloe had surgery in her brain to get a cochlear implant. Our families go on summer vacations together every year. At first, Chloe could hear me and talk but she couldn’t get her implants wet.  So instead she had to take them off every time we went swimming together or anything like that. It was very hard for me to communicate with Chloe then because I don’t know sign language.

Then one summer Chloe got waterproof implants! It was so helpful for her an for all of us too! One memory I have of Chloe before she got her waterproof implants was one time we were swimming in North Carolina a few years ago and I tried to tell her to come into the pool but of course she could’t hear me. Now because of her new implants I can always communicate with my cousin and it makes me feel really happy!

Another similar family difference is that my Grandpa Len on my Mom’s side has a lot of trouble hearing in one ear. He has a hearing aid but still has trouble. This is difficult because it is very hard for him to hear me and others too. It is especially hard when I go out to dinner with him and we are at a noisy restaurant.  It is hard for him to follow conversations.

My family’s differences are what makes me me.  I don’t want to hide their differences because I think it is very important to express my feelings!

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