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Just as women are put under a lot of pressure to act feminine, men are put under even more pressure to act masculine. Usually, if a man/woman doesn’t conform to the stereotypical behaviors and image of a “manly man” or “girly girl” then they are ostracized or bullied. I am a very masculine girl, something I have learned to stopped trying to hide/cover up. I used to feel as though I was drowning under the expectations other’s had for me to act like a “proper lady”, which is what this picture represents but in a man’s perspective. I have embraced my masculinity and used it to propel me towards activities that are predominantly male. I excel in karate and now plan on joining the Marines after college. I have learned that a “real man” or “real woman” is anyone that identifies as a man/woman, regardless of how feminine or masculine they are.

Shayna Roble RBC Flaunt It Award finalist

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