Everyone Has Something, By Zachary B. 5th Grade

Everyone has something that makes them different, and they affect their lives in different ways. I am in 5th grade and until 2010 we had a normal family, I had a big brother named Jordan, my mom, and my dad.  I was the youngest child. In 2010 I became a foster brother.

In the hot summer of 2010 my mom complained on the phone to The Division of Youth And Family Services. My mom complained that we hadn’t had a placement in more then a year and the foster care system was to blame. Five minutes after the call they called back.

There was an 18-month-old baby who needed a home. That baby’s name was Gayle. Even though we weren’t looking for a baby to take care of we did anyway, because we had just complained. It was 8:00 at night when the foster care workers brought her to our house. That night I went to the door and gave her a stuffed animal sheep. She was a little scared of my big brother and my dad at first though after a while she got used to us. Me, my dad, my mom, and my big brother did last minute things like ran out to get a crib at 9:00, and picked up packages of diapers. Months and months went by and nothing happened. By that time I called her my sister, not foster-sister.

I get asked many questions about my sister. One of them is “do you love your brother any more then you love Gayle?” I find this question quite ridiculous because family is family, and you love all family. Another frequently asked question is “how does her mom feel?”  I explain that her mom knows that she can’t take care of Gayle anymore and she wants my family to adopt her.

I am excited because we are supposed to adopt Gayle sometime during the late Spring or Summer of this year!  Being a foster brother has been a great experience.

I am proud of the way it makes me different.

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