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DHIFI’s signature education program is Kids Flaunt, produced in collaboration with Scholastic, Inc. Available at no cost to schools or students at, Kids Flaunt includes a full lesson plan for fourth and fifth grade classrooms with follow-up writing or art activity inspired by the DHIFI theme, “The things that make me different make me, me.”

Activity worksheet for students about how they can flaunt with peacock.

Kids Flaunt Student Activity Sheet

After completing the lesson plan and follow up activity, teachers can elect to submit their students’ work for the Kids Flaunt contest. Winners are independently judged on the quality of their content and self-expression, and winning students and teachers both receive valuable prizes for themselves and their classrooms. Teachers can also enter the “Project Flaunt” sweepstakes for showing how their classes creatively shared their flaunts with each other and their school communities.

In 2019, the Kids Flaunt contest runs from September 24 to November 15. Teachers: missed the deadline? After the contest closes, the curriculum remains available for effective year-round in building empathy and understanding. Check out the lesson plan here.

DHIFI also works in direct partnership with individual schools and districts, developing programs for full school communities or specific grades, including:

  • School assemblies
  • Individual class workshops
  • Video chat visits and presentations
  • Custom curriculum enhancements

Click here to learn more about past Kids Flaunt Contest Winners!

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