Don’t Hide it, Flaunt It! By Nick Looney, 5th Grade

I have a unique difference.  When I was about a year old, I got pneumonia.  I ended up getting a very high fever, which caused the mechanism that aligns the eyes to stop working properly.  When I was about one and a half, I had surgery to re-align my eyes, because they drifted inwards every once in awhile.  I was fine until I was in Kindergarten.  In Kindergarten, I had to start wearing glasses.  In 3rdgrade, my eyes started to drift outward! I ended up having surgery again.  That is mainly what my difference is.

Sometimes, this really bothers me.  It makes it hard to hit a baseball, because my depth perception is off.  This is tough, because people just think that I am not athletic and not good.  I can’t blame them either, because most seasons I only get a few foul tips.  But, if I did not have this issue with my eyes, who knows?  Maybe I would be the star of the baseball league.  Also in 3rd grade I had to have painful surgery.  My eyes stung and I could not see for several days.  Even after I could see, my eyes burned.  I even had to miss “Field Day,” of my favorite days at school.  It is very possible that I will have to go through this surgery again, maybe multiple times.  On the positive side, for a few days after my surgery, I knew what it was like to be blind.  Now, I appreciate the eyes I do have, because some people can’t see at all.  I can see fine, except I don’t have any depth perception and sometimes my physical eye appearance is a little bit weird because they used to drift.  But that is nothing compared to being blind and is not as bad as some difficulties that other people have to deal with, although it is tough for me to deal with this.

Over time, I have grown to accept this difference.  I like baseball, although I’m not very good, but that doesn’t matter.  I can do anything else just fine.  Also, I can play basketball, golf or swim with no problem at all.  Anyway, swimming is my favorite sport.  And my schoolwork is not affected at all.  All in all, I feel pretty good that this is my difference.  I have to pay the price of having bad depth perception and have the risk of going through the surgery again; it is still okay though, because once again, my difference could be worse.  But it isn’t, and I actually have a very joyful life.


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