Don’t Hide it Flaunt It! By Abby Thomson, 5th Grade

Something that affects my life is my constant foot pain.  The medical term is called, plantar fasciitis.  This causes me to have foot pains that make my foot hurt, and it makes it harder to run, play sports, and even walk.  This difference is hard to live with but I still try my hardest and have now accepted my difference.

There are many times when I feel uncomfortable with this difference but mainly while playing sports and running.  When I play softball my foot hurts and sometimes I have to sit down and rest, and that is hard and embarrassing.  For example, during a softball game my foot pain got really bad and I had to ask my coach if I could sit down.  I was so embarrassed!  Also, when I have to run during sports or gym I have to slow down and stop and that is embarrassing too.  Sometimes it also affects my placement on a sports team.  It also causes me to be in medical boots and braces a lot.  This is also a big struggle.

While getting older and growing up I have learned to accept this difference and I try to not let it get in my way.  Although many times I do need to slow down or even stop what I may be doing, it does not get in my way as badly as it did before.  It helps me today because I now encourage myself to be as strong as I can.  It helps me realize that although it may be hard, I need to push through and try my hardest.  Even though, I realize also that I cannot pass the limit and over-use my feet.

If anyone deals with plantar fasciitis, remind yourself to stay strong and try your hardest.  As you can see, although I struggle with this, it helps me to be a stronger person.

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