How I am Different By Jackson Stone

Jackson Stone photoI am different. Everybody is different.  My name is Jackson Stone, I am nine years old and I am a boy. My difference is my hair. My hair is brown.  My hair is also Finalist_2016long. There is only one other boy that I know that has long hair too. No one in my school is a boy with long hair. I am proud that I am different in the way that my hair sets me apart.  That is what makes me unique.

Sometimes, people tease me because of the way my hair looks. For example, one day I was on a bus on a chilly winter morning in third grade. A 4th grader told me that I looked like a girl. That made me embarrassed and sad because then other people overheard and started to laugh. I got so flustered from the experience that I stared out the window on the bus for ten days straight and did not talk to anyone.

Now that I am in 4th grade, I’ve learned to deal with that by using my resilience. Resilience means learning to grow stronger through life’s challenges.  I am proud of that.

I flaunt my hair by keeping it long even when people tell me to get it cut. Also, I even choose to keep it long when people still make fun of it. I am very, very proud of who I am. I am very proud of how distinct I look. All of these things make me special. In other words, me.

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