I am Different Because……… By Caroline McCann (Age 9)

Julia Applebaum Age 12The thing that makes me different from other people is that I am allergic to red food coloring. The story of how I found out is quite interesting.  You see I ate gummies all the time.  I loved them, but I started ot get rashes on my arms. My mom noticed it and brought me to the doctor who said it was nothing but my mom didn’t believe that.

So, my Mom did an experiment.  She fed me different things to see which ones I reacted to and then she figured out it was red food coloring or red 40 that I was allergic to.  Ever since then I am not allowed ot eat anything that has red 40 in it.

It only affects me when I am at birthday parties and the cake has red icing or decoration. And when they give out red ice pops at school, I can’t have them either.  Some of the things I can’t have are: Gummies, some candy, cake icing, ice pops and smoothies.  The colors I can’t have are: red, orange, purple and pink.  I just can’t have those colors but I can have: Blue, yellow, green, brown,, white, black and grey.

The holidays affect me the most like Halloween because I go trick or treating for hours.  Then when I get home I have to sort my candy because it is mostly red.  I lose more than half of my candy and that is all I have for the year. Or, Valentine’s Day when somebody gives me candy it is always red. Even my Christmas is affected because all the candy canes and peppermints are red.  Also, in Easter no pink peeps or purple for me.

My family supports me and helps me and I consider myself lucky to not have any huge allergies….and I am grateful.

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