My Differences By Andrew Ramos

Andrew Ramos SanchezHi. My name is Andrew Ramos. I am nine years old and in 4th grade. I have Latin roots and SpecialFlauntRecognition_2016speak two languages–English and Spanish. Those are just a couple of my differences. Another difference is that I am the shortest in my class.  Being the shortest can be a hard thing but there are also a lot of things that I do that other kids cannot do because of their height. 

First of all, being the shortest has its advantages. One of the advantages is that I get to be first in line. when going to do an activity in school with the other kids in my class.  That is because the teacher always says, “Shortest to biggest” and that is a good thing for me because I always get to be in the front and go first.  Also, when taking our sports picture at school, I always get to be in the front row instead of behind people. That was it is much easier for me to find myself when showing my parents the picture.

Second, even though I am a short boy, I have a huge personality! I enjoy making people laugh and also doing pranks on my family. I especially like to prank my older sister and then being short helps with hiding from her (and others) in small places. Another advantage of being short is that I can use taller people as human shelter when it is raining out.  Also, when it is very hot and sunny out, people can block it for me too. 

Even though I cannot see over other kids when I am with them in a group and cannot reach high places, I like being short.  It makes me who I am and I am a very happy boy!

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