My Difference By Noam Wolkenfeld

noam-kids-flaunt-photoHi.  My name is Noam Wolkenfeld.  I know I am unique but I am not always sure that is a good thing. For example, I am hypoglycemic which means I have low blood sugar. When other kids are running around their blood sugar might also go down.  But for me, my blood sugar goes down faster, which leads me to fainting or just feeling sick and not able to support myself.  It can be very annoying.

Being hypoglycemic is actually a recent thing I just found out about so I am still learning about it and how it feels. Most kids really don’t say anything to me about it.  However, there have been a few times when I was at a birthday party or with a friend and I started to feel sick and couldn’t do anything. But I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want anyone to think it was an excuse for not doing anything. So everywhere I went I tried not to tell anyone about it.  I just did not want anyone to know about it and then get nervous and act weird around me.  I also didn’t want them to ask me if I was okay every second.  I understand they are trying to help but it still bothers me.

So, at first I tried to hide this fact about me. But, as time went on I realized that this was actually pretty cool. And if I didn’t have hypoglycemia I would be upset because it is part of who I am now. I started sharing with people every time I got a chance to.  It was probably because of my mother who also has this condition explained to me that very few people actually have this too.

Now I am proud that I am different, and don’t mind having hypoglycemia because it makes me, me.

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