Meg R. Zucker
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Literary Agent: Lisa Leshne
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About Meg

Meg was born with a rare condition known as ectrodactyly, leaving her with only four digits on her body and shortened forearms, often making her a subject of curiosity, derision and, sometimes, fear.  Unlike others who have overcome discrete or hidden stumbling blocks to reach their goals, Meg has navigated life’s challenges wearing her limitations on her sleeve, literally.

Meg completed her undergraduate studies in History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received her law degree from New York University where she joined the Revue of Law and Social Change—dedicated to using legal scholarship to respond to injustice.  For more than two decades Meg has been working in the field of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism, and is currently the Global Anti-Money Laundering Officer at the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets.

In addition to her professional activities, Meg has been an advocate for all people with differences, both blatant and invisible, helping them learn to celebrate and even flaunt rather than conceal that which makes them unique.  She created her Don’t Hide It Flaunt It (“DHIFI”) website, where she provides her own weekly blog and also publishes contributions from  people of all ages around the world who write using the theme, “The Things That Make me Different, Make me, Me.”  In addition to her site, Meg is a frequent public speaker both in the U.S. and abroad, and most recently was invited as the Keynote Speaker for the “Distinguished American Speaker Series” by the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. She has been published in national magazines, including the Jewish Forward and Parents.  In 2012, Meg received a silver ‘National Health Information Writing Award’ for her article It’s Okay to Stare.  Meg was also profiled on national television on the Today Show, TLC and has more articles in national publications and televised appearances coming.

Beginning in 2015, DHIFI Inc. became a 501(c)(3) charity.  As a result, from the generous support of corporate sponsors, including RBC, DHIFI and Scholastic have partnered for purposes of youth-inspired programs in schools to help students celebrate difference throughout the United States.



Meg’s unique expertise and vibrant style of communicating make her a sought after speaker.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband, John, and their three children, two of whom also have ectrodactyly.

Meg is in the process of writing a book working with literary agent Lisa Leshne at The Leshne Agency.

We Are All Born Lacking
A poem dedicated to Meg Weinbaum (Zucker) at her birth by Elizabeth Klein Shapiro