What My Challenge Has Taught Me By Dean Beardsley (Age 10)

Dean BeardsleyOne thing that makes me that people don’t know about me is that is that I was not a good reader and writer. In first and second grade I had to read boring books that I did not like because I was placed into a low reading level. Some days of the week I would have to go to something called the Learning Workshop and then have to miss class. This was why I did not like being bad at reading and writing. I realized I would have to work hard to get better.

I was in a low reading level for my age so I could not read very interesting books. First of all, they were for little girls instead of for boys. Also they did not have much excitement to them. They were for little kids that like stories, but I preferred non-fiction. That is why I did not like those books.

Then, in the 3rd grade I had to skip may favorite class for the Learning Workshop class. I was so sad that I had to miss science. Also, while I was at the Learning Workshop, my class might get to have an activity but I was still in the Learning Workshop so I couldn’t be there with them. That was another reason I didn’t like the Learning Workshop.

This challenge has taught me that you have to try your best and work your hardest. I think this challenge has made me a better person because it made me to work harder than I would have worked and it has made me a better reader and writer. I feel proud that my hard work has helped made me reach my goal at being good at reading and writing!


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