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Who Am I By Yetong Li Age 14

  RBC Flaunt It Award: Writing Finalist     Statement   My piece deals with the struggles of a young girl growing up, trying meet her father’s expectations in every way and pushing herself until she cannot do anymore. She’s different than what her father wants her to be like, a different daughter than who […]

Self-Portrait in Door Mirror By Eunice Ng

“Self-Portrait in Door Mirror” is a piece about understanding and reconciling the disparities between my own gender expression and identity.  The pink skirt the subject is wearing in the painting is a powerful symbol–pink–generally a color symbolizing Barbie princesses and being “girly.” This is something I was ashamed to admit any preference for a long […]

Just Roll With It By Ross McCabe

I spent this past Christmas in the hospital. I had one tube in my left wrist, keeping me hydrated, and another in my back, filling me with an anesthetic that numbed my abdominal area. A month earlier, I hadn’t anticipated spending my Christmas this way, but there I was anyway, serenaded by the whirr of […]