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Roots By Shania Hurtado (Age 13)

 I was an alien. Simultaneously trapped in two different worlds that loved and hated me. My feelings were a puzzle I could not put together. Perhaps I didn’t belong in this world. Perhaps the world didn’t belong to me. I remember hearing the judgements and looks from across the room. They snickered at my mother […]

Exposed By Shayna Roble

                Just as women are put under a lot of pressure to act feminine, men are put under even more pressure to act masculine. Usually, if a man/woman doesn’t conform to the stereotypical behaviors and image of a “manly man” or “girly girl” then they are ostracized or […]

Who Am I By Yetong Li Age 14

  RBC Flaunt It Award: Writing Finalist     Statement   My piece deals with the struggles of a young girl growing up, trying meet her father’s expectations in every way and pushing herself until she cannot do anymore. She’s different than what her father wants her to be like, a different daughter than who […]