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Runway of Dreams (RoD), a nonprofit organization encouraging inclusion in the fashion world, works with DHIFI on the publication of “RoD Flaunts.” Through this partnership, models with a range of physical differences share their stories, with a focus on the opportunities created by adaptable clothing and related programs.

A smile and a lot of determination goes a long way! By Ashley Robinson

It seems like yesterday that my daughter, husband and I were huddled around the ultrasound technician as she searched to see if we were having a boy or girl during our 20 week check up. We were ecstatic to learn I was carrying a little boy. However, this joyous news quickly turned to alarm and confusion when at a routine appointment the doctor insensitively blurted […]

No Boundaries, No Limits, Just Conquer and Achieve By Adam & Jennifer Gottlieb

Our son, Cole Aiden Gottlieb, has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy. At only 8 years old, he has already experienced more than many people will in their lifetime. Due to Cole’s spasticity within his arms and legs, dressing can be difficult. Immediately at his birth, my wife, Jen, and I knew that he would have to […]

Empowerment Through Fashion: A Bold Vision for Change By Kendra Gottsleben

In some circles, I think being fashionable and stylish means more than just wearing the hottest trend or one-of-a-kind outfit that only celebrities have access to and can afford. Personally, I don’t believe these kinds of status symbols truly represent the definition of fashion. To me, the true meaning of fashion goes down to a […]