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Seeing Double, By Carly Noble

When I look around the house I see two of everything.  Two beds, two computers, two closets, two pillows and even two binders!  Everything is double, even two kids—twins!  I am different than other kids because I am a twin.  My twin sister, Jessica and I go through life together, hand in hand.  But being […]

The Lazy Eye! By Maya Ramachandran, 4th Grade

I always drag myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth in the morning. There are mirror doors so I can see myself. My left eye slides to the left instead of staying straight ahead. My right eye stays where it is supposed to stay. I don’t even know when it is doing it—except when somebody tells me or when I am in front of a mirror. This sticky situation is called “a lazy eye.”

What Makes Me, Me, By Henry Veloso, 5th Grade

Asperger’s Syndrome!   What on earth is Asperger?  It sounds like a vegetable!  It’s caused by a problem in the brain.  It makes people think and act differently from others.  In 1944, a German doctor named Hans Asperger discovered that some children behaved differently from the majority.  He named it after himself (Credit hog!)  People with […]