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Kid Flaunts (by children ages 5-12) and Teen Flaunts (by teenagers ages 13-18) feature essays from children and young adults inspired by DHFI’s theme, “The things that make me different make me, me.” DHIFI is always accepting new submissions – if you’d like to share your story, click here to learn more about how to write and submit a flaunt for publishing on our website. Parental permission required for writers under the age of 18.


Shaping Who I am By Rocket Fischer (Age 10)

There are so many different things that make me, me. Everyone has these things that make them who they are, but for each person these things are different. This means that everyone is different, but different isn’t bad. What makes people who they are is all their differences. Everyone’s difference is what makes them special. […]

My Superpower By Milo Park

I have a special power. It all happened when I was about nine, or maybe ten. Well, I’m ten now. When I first found out, I was extremely scared and worried, but now I know that it makes me different from other people. I’m not an actual superhero, but you might say I have superpowers. […]